Learn How To Replace The Mower Blades On Your Riding Mower For The First Time


Having a beautifully manicured lawn can make your home look amazing, but getting the perfect lawn is not always easy. If you notice that your grass is not even after you mow it, there is a good chance that it may be time to replace the blades on your riding mower. Over time, the blades can become dull and dented as you mow over sticks, roots, or rocks. When this happens, they can no longer cut as well as they could when they were sharper. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to replace your riding lawn mower blades on your own.

Remove Your Old Blades

Make sure that your mower is turned off and the blades are raised as high as they will go. Prop your mower up on ramps so that you can easily access the blade. Use a wrench to turn the nut that holds the blades in place to the left to loosen the nut. Carefully pull the blades from the mower.

Buy New Mower Blades

Take the old mower blades to a home improvement store. Go to the lawn mower section of the store and look for blades. There should be numbers and letters on the blades that allow you to identify the exact blades you need to purchase. Hold the old blades next to the new blades you think you need to purchase to make sure that they are the same size. Buy the blades once you find the right ones for your mower.

Attach the New Mower Blades

Remove the new blades from the packaging and stack them in the order the package dictates. When you stack the blades, you should notice that they have a slope to them. The top of the slope is the portion that should be facing the sky when you go to secure the blades to the mower. Hold all of the blades onto the bolt under the mower in order and then secure the nut that holds them in place by turning it to the right. Once you have finished, you can start mowing your yard right away.

If you find that replacing your blades on your own is too difficult for you or you are fearful that you will not be able to do the job properly, take your mower to a mower repair shop to have a professional handle the replacement for you. The shop should sell replacement blades so that you do not have to make a special trip to a home improvement store to get the blades before taking it to the shop. It should take just a few minutes to replace the blades, so you can get home and mow your lawn as soon as possible.


21 May 2015

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