How To Spray On A Bed Liner To Protect The Back Of Your Pickup Truck


The bed of a pickup truck can take a pounding that can damage the paint and protective coatings that keep the bed of the truck from rusting out. When you toss materials into the back – especially materials made out of metal – you can easily dig gouges through the protective coatings as the materials slide along the bed of the pickup. Spray on bed liners can protect the bed of the truck from getting damaged, and can also extend the life of the bed. Here is how you can spray on a bed liner to protect your pickup truck.

You Will Need:

  • Spray Bed Liner Materials
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Automotive Grade Masking Tape
  • Automotive Masking Paper
  • Dual Action Sander
  • Etching Primer
  • Prepaint Cleaner
  • Metal Primer
  • Respirator


Spray on truck bed liners typically contain volatile organic compounds that easily vaporize at normal room temperatures and isocyanates. Both of these chemicals can cause irritation to your respiratory system, and you should avoid breathing them in. You should wear at least a half-face painter's respirator with chemical cartridges to protect your lungs.

Truck Bed Preparation

You should cover the areas that you don't want to get the liner material on with automotive masking paper and automotive masking tape – you will want to cover the back windows, top of the quarter panels, and hinges on the tailgate of your pickup truck.

Sand the areas you are going to apply the liner with a dual action sander until you get down to the metal.

You should then clean the bed with a prepaint cleaner to remove any debris, grease, and oils that might be on the bed.

Lastly, you should apply a metal primer to the bed. The primer will help the liner stick better to the truck, and it will help protect the truck from moisture damage (which can lead to rusting).

Apply Liner

Make sure the truck is in a well-ventilated area where it will be safe from blowing debris (like leaves and twigs) that could stick to the lining material as it dries.

Prepare the liner material according to manufacturer's instruction, and put it into a paint sprayer.

Spray an even coat of the lining material over the bed of the truck – be careful to not let pools of the material form in the truck. Allow the lining material to dry before using the truck – drying time varies depending on the type of lining materials you use (again, follow the manufacturer's directions).

For more information about truck accessories, contact The Hitch House or a similar company.


27 May 2015

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