2 Ways Car Window Tint Can Keep Your Skin Healthy And Attractive


Many people hold the misconception that tinted car windows are only for people who want privacy, such as celebrities. Actually, tinted car windows have benefits to the average person, and some of these are benefits to the health and appearance of your skin. Read on to find out just how window tint benefits your skin and what type of tint is optimal for this purpose. 

1. The Right Car Window Tint Can Protect You from Skin Cancer

Many people would never skip sunscreen before a long day in the sun, but they don't think twice before taking a long drive without protecting their skin. There is a huge misconception that windows, including car windows, block most of the sun's harmful rays. In reality, most windows do filter some UVB rays, which often lead to tanning and skin damage in the dermis, but they don't block UVA rays, which are much more harmful to the deep layers of the skin. 

When you have UV-blocking window tint applied to your car windows, you can help protect you and your family against UVB and UVA rays to minimize your risk of developing skin cancer as a result of driving or riding in the car without wearing sun protection. 

2. Window Tint Can Also Prevent Wrinkles and Age Spots

Along with being one of the causes of skin cancer, the sun's rays are also the main cause of most of the signs of aging of the skin, including wrinkles, sagging skin, and hyper-pigmentation. In fact, some studies have shown that that exposure to the sun is about 90-percent of the reason these skin-aging signs occur. 

This means that even if you don't worry about skin cancer, but you want to keep your skin looking young and attractive, then UV-blocking window tint can help you achieve this goal. Don't think you are safe even if you put on sunscreen every morning. Even if you apply sunscreen in the morning, it must be reapplied at least every two hours to have sun protection all day long. This means that if you put sunscreen on every morning, after two hours you are no longer protected from the sun, including when you are in your car, for the rest of the day. 

How to Choose Car Window Tint to Protect Your Skin

Many cities have strict guidelines about how dark window tint can be on each window on your car. Don't worry, though, if your city has banned dark window tint. Today's modern car window tint materials can block UVB and UVA rays while remaining close to clear in appearance. This means that you can obtain UV-blocking tint on your car no matter where you live. Since there are many different lines of tint made by different companies used by window-tinting professionals, simply schedule a consultation with the window-tinting professional of your choice and request the tint they use that blocks the most UV rays. 

Having the windows of your vehicle tinted has many benefits for you and your family. Window tint is not just for privacy, and today's high-tech window tint materials can block the sun's harmful UV rays without making your windows too dark. 


12 June 2015

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