Commonly Asked Questions About Automotive Rust


There are a variety of threats that your car must face over the course of time that you own it. Unfortunately, many people focus almost exclusively on the mechanical aspects of maintaining their cars, and this can leave cars vulnerable to rust damaging the exterior. This type of damage can devastate your car's resale value and require expensive repairs. Luckily, you can take a couple of proactive steps to help protect your car against this routine automotive problem.

Look For And Repair Any Scratches In Your Paint

The paint on your car is intended to do more than just make the vehicle look nice. This layer also protects the car's metal from the elements. Unfortunately, this paint is easily scratched, and this type of damage will eventually spread throughout the car's exterior. As the exposed metal rusts, it will weaken the surrounding paint, which will eventually peel off to expose more metal. 

To prevent this type of damage from ruining your car's exterior, you should make it a point to inspect your car's paint for any signs of scratches every time you wash it. If you notice a small scratch, you should use a paint patch kit to fill in the damaged portion of the paint to restore its protective qualities. 

Wash Your Car Regularly During The Fall And Winter

Combating the formation of ice on the roadways requires the use of a variety of deicing chemicals. While these chemicals can quickly dissolve any present ice and prevent more from forming, they will also coat cars. These substances can eat away automotive paint if they are left on it for an extended period of time. 

Considering that you may not be able to avoid this problem, it is important for you to wash your car regularly during the winter months. Unfortunately, many people will avoid washing their cars during the winter because of the cold temperatures, but this can be the perfect recipe for disaster. If you live in an area that is regularly deiced, you should wash your car at least once every couple of weeks to remove these accumulations. 

Preventing rust should always be a major concern for car owners, but there are many people that fail to fully appreciate the steps needed to prevent this damage from developing. By patching any scratches that have formed in your car's paint and washing the vehicle regularly during the cold months, you can help reduce the odds of these two threats leading to rusting. For more rust protection tips, contact a local auto body shop.


15 June 2015

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