Choosing A Tarp System For Your Truck


An unsecured load can cause all sorts of problems. While a truck driver should understand the need for a tarp, choosing the right tarp system is more of a problem. You can keep your solution simple by using a roll-out tarp, or you can make your life easy by using an automated tarp. Choosing a tarp depends on what type of a load you will be hauling and how much money you have available to buy gear for your truck. 

Pull Tarp

The most basic tarp system system is the pull tarp. It consists of a tarp roller, which mounts to the front of your truck bed. To deploy the tarp, you simply pull the cord to unroll the tarp and cover your load. The drawback of this system is that the cord used to deploy the tarp can snag on loads or burn in asphalt. 

Manual Arms

A second option is to use a tarp system that uses manual arms to deploy the tarp. With manual arms, you still have to get out of your truck and manually operate the arms to deploy your tarp, but the arms will keep the tarp above your load, and thus prevent snags. It will also help to prevent the ropes you use to tie down your tarp from getting caught in hot asphalt. Thus, it is an improvement over a pull tarp in that it makes deploying your tarp more convenient.

Automatic Arms

A tarp that uses automated arms uses a motor to move the arms that deploy the tarp. To engage the tarp system, all you have to do is push a button in the cap of the truck, and the motor moves the arms to deploy the tarp. You can likewise disengage the tarp with the push of a button. While an automated system may seem like a mere convenience, it makes deploying a tarp quick and easy, and the less time it takes you to secure a load, the faster you are able to move on to the next job. If an automated tarp helps you to complete more jobs, then your increased productivity should lead to increased profits. 

If you do not have the money for an automated tarp system, then you might want to start with a pullout system. You can then save money toward an automated system if you decide that such a system is the way you want to go. 


20 July 2016

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