Protecting Your Car Seats From Kids


Children can enrich your life, but they can also contribute to the making of a lot of messes. This is especially true when it comes to transporting kids in your vehicle each day. Crumbs and other debris can easily find their way into your car seats when you have children. This debris could cause permanent damage, so protecting your car seats with the right covers should be a top priority.

Microfiber car seat protectors make a great solution for maintaining the integrity of your car seats without sacrificing comfort or style.

Microfiber is easy to clean.

Preserving the appearance of your vehicle's interior when you have kids can be a real challenge, so having car seat covers that you can easily clean if your child spills a drink or drops a snack onto them is important. Microfiber is a material that is simple to clean.

Each seat cover will come with a tag that features one of three cleaning codes. A "W" means that you can use soap and water to clean the microfiber material. Finding an "S" on the tag means that solvent-based cleaners work best, while an "S-W" code allows you to use either water or solvents. These codes make it easy to properly care for your car seat covers, despite how messy your children might be.

Microfiber is gentle on the skin.

You must think about comfort as well as durability when adding car seat covers to your vehicle. Children need a gentle material to sit against because their skin is more sensitive than the skin of an adult.

External irritants could cause your child's skin to break out in a rash, and if your car seat covers aren't comfortable your child might complain during each trip they take in your vehicle. The synthetic strands of microfiber fabrics are woven together tightly to create a surface that is soft to the touch. This characteristic makes microfiber seat covers the perfect option for families with young children.

Microfiber can resist moisture.

A spilled drink can quickly turn your vehicle's interior into a wet and stained environment. Making the choice to add microfiber seat covers to your car will allow you to protect the vehicle's interior from your child's accidental spills.

The tight weave of microfiber fabric helps to keep liquids on the surface of your car seat covers where they can easily be wiped up. Liquids that don't sink into your car seat covers are less likely to leave behind stains, preventing your kids from ruining your car's interior.


18 January 2018

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