Managing Your Business's Snow And Ice Removal Needs


Managing the snow and ice that accumulates on your business's parking lot and sidewalks can be a constant struggle for those in areas where snowfall can be a frequent occurrence. However, this does not have to be a major drain on your resources or a distraction for your management.

Understand The Liabilities That Come With Failing To Clear Your Parking Area

Business leaders will often understate the potential liabilities that accompany failing to clear snow and ice from parking areas and sidewalks. These substances can make the ground extremely slippery, which can make it harder for cars and pedestrians to maintain traction on these surfaces. This can lead to accidents and injuries that you may have at least a partial responsibility for paying for since your business will be expected to keep the premises safe from things that cause injuries. These potential legal liabilities make keeping the ground clear of snow and ice a key responsibility. For businesses that rent from a property owner or manager, it will typically fall on the management fo the building to handle ice and snow removal. However, verification should be done before deciding to rely on this option as not every real estate rental contract will include terms about snow and ice removal.

Appreciate The Limits Of Chemical Ice Removers

Chemical ice removers can be extremely effective in some circumstances. However, there are limits to the amount of ice that these substances can remove. For example, these chemicals will lose effectiveness if the temperature drops below a certain point. Additionally, these chemicals may not be as effective during periods of ongoing precipitation as the chemicals will be more likely to wash away. Physically removing the snow with a plow is likely to be the optimal strategy for addressing these accumulations as the plow will lack the types of limitations that other chemical solutions will encounter.

Keep A Snowplow Service On Stand By

It is common for the nighttime to bring some of the heaviest snow and ice storms to your area. This can result in you only finding that heavy snowfall occurred in the morning when you wake up, and this may not allow for enough time to schedule a snowplow service before your business opens. Luckily, these services will accept some clients on a stand-by basis. With this type of agreement, the snowplow service will monitor the weather and dispatch a vehicle as soon as conditions allow. This will ensure that your business is one of the first ones to have its parking lot and access road cleared. Find a snowplow company near you like J & C Campers and ask them about snow-clearing services.   


25 September 2019

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