How A Windshield Cover Can Benefit Your RV


Your RV may spend a lot of time sitting in one spot between trips, and protecting the vehicle is essential. Often people consider the outside of the RV, but the interior of your rig needs protection as well. One of the most significant problem areas that need to be addressed is UV rays that come in through the glass. 

UV Rays and Your Interior

The interior of your RV may have leather or fabric upholstery and protecting it is crucial. The sun beating down through the glass windows of your RV contains ultraviolet light rays that will cause the interior fabrics to fade and the leather or vinyl to crack over time. 

The best way to protect the interior of your RV is to stop the sun from getting in, and when the rig is not in use, a simple RV windshield cover is the best solution. It will block the light from coming in, and they are easy to put in place when the RV is parked for the season. 

Often a large cardboard cover that goes inside the RV works best and is cheap enough for any budget. But for RV's that are used all year, this is not the best solution.

Exterior Windshield Covers

If you are using your RV regularly, you may need to consider RV windshield covers that can be put in place while you are parked. These covers typically go on the outside of the RV and offer several advantages.

The RV windshield covers that go on the outside of the rig will block the UV rays coming in while you are parked, protecting the interior, and reducing the temperatures inside the RV. This can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable inside on hot days. 

The RV windshield covers that go on the unit outside also often let you see out without people being able to see in. They also allow light through without the UV rays, so it is not dark inside the RV when the covers are in place. 

Cover Security

When looking for RV windshield covers, it is essential to look for covers that attach to the RV with brackets or through the doors or windows. The cover needs to be secure so that no one can remove it from outside the RV. 

Your RV dealer can help you select RV windshield covers that will fit the make and model you own, and the service department may be able to install and brackets you need for the covers to work correctly. When you are shopping for a windshield cover, look for options that wrap around to the side windows as well if they are exposed. 

If you have additional questions about RV windshield covers, reach out to a local RV dealer.


28 October 2020

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