Where To Find Custom Hydraulic Hoses For Your Vehicle


Hydraulic hoses are used in several places on most vehicles, and replacing them involves going to the auto parts store and buying one. However, if the hose is no longer in production or you need a hose for a custom application, finding somewhere to get custom hydraulic hose fabrication can be essential. 

Hydraulic Hose Construction

The hydraulic hoses used in most vehicles are made from several layers of rubber and have a woven core made from nylon, fiberglass, or in some cases, steel. The hose construction allows it to hold high-pressure fluids inside while remaining flexible enough to bend and move with the vehicle if necessary. 

Hydraulic hoses are typical in places where the hose needs to move, like the brakes but still need to act like a steel line and contain extreme pressure. When you need custom hydraulic hose fabrication, look for a hydraulic shop, machine shop, or parts supplier that can make hoses that fit your specific needs.

If you have an original equipment hose with the correct ends or fittings on it but is not the right length, make sure to save it. The hydraulic shop can use it to size up the fittings you need and the hose size. All they will need after that is the length to make the hose for you.

Hydraulic Machine Shops

Machine shops typically deal with parts and components that require specific tools and equipment to work on. A hydraulic machine shop is similar, but they often specialize in working with things like hydraulic valves, cylinders, and hoses for vehicles and equipment.

Most of these shops offer custom hydraulic hose fabrication, and with the right information, they can create a hose that will fit your application. The hose fittings must be specific, and the diameter and pressure level the hose will contain is essential. With the correct information, some shops can turn around a custom hose order in a day or two if necessary. 

Old Machines

One common use for custom hydraulic hose fabrication is the restoration or repair of older equipment or machines. Equipment no longer in production may not have parts available for it. The hydraulic hoses may no longer be available, but if you have the old one from the machine, you can have a new custom hydraulic hose made to fit.

Old tractors, loaders, or other equipment still running may not have parts available to purchase. However, the cylinders, hoses, and pumps that run the hydraulics can often be maintained and rebuilt to keep the machines working. Check with the local hydraulic shop about the parts or service you need, and they can determine if they can help.  

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9 January 2023

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