JDM Through And Through: 3 Steps To Follow When Upgrading To Racing Seats


You've put a lot into getting your JDM ride just the way you want it. You've installed a new high performance engine, cambered the wheels, and customized the paint job. You've even upgraded the emissions system. There's just one thing left to do, and that's install the new racing seats. Racing seats provide you with a more comfortable and secure ride when you're drifting around the track. Here are three steps you need to take when upgrading to racing seats for your JDM ride.

24 July 2018

3 Tips For Buying Vintage Car Parts


Maintaining a vintage car is a fun hobby. You'll have plenty of things to do on idle weekends as you work on the car to keep it in great shape. Plus, you can attend car shows and join groups with other vintage car owners and make new friends. Your time isn't wasted either since a vintage car that is restored properly will increase in value over the years. Finding parts can often be difficult though, although parts for American-made cars are often easier to find than foreign parts.

26 March 2018

Protecting Your Car Seats From Kids


Children can enrich your life, but they can also contribute to the making of a lot of messes. This is especially true when it comes to transporting kids in your vehicle each day. Crumbs and other debris can easily find their way into your car seats when you have children. This debris could cause permanent damage, so protecting your car seats with the right covers should be a top priority.

18 January 2018